Thursday, December 27, 2012

Oroville, CA Walmart vs Friends of Oroville

An interesting battle is going on in Oroville, California. Most residents are excited about plans for an upcoming Walmart Supercenter in Oroville.

A group of individuals, who call themselves "The Friends of Oroville", led by Oroville residents John Clough and Debra Woodcock, are attempting to halt this project, denying us residents the opportunity to have first class discount shopping.

Here is a brief background of those who call themselves "The Friends of Oroville".

Debra Woodcock - Her relative, Joedy Lee Woodcock, is a threat to many. Her convictions include: Speeding, DUI, and Vehicular Manslaughter. Relative Shauna Woodcock: Minor in possession of alcohol in a car.

John Clough - Relative Kathryn G Clough, another threat to many. Convictions include: DUI, Driving on a Suspended License, and 6 Speeding tickets.

These are only their Butte County records.

And these families, who are obviously assholes who are road terrorists, and a threat to us all, led by an attorney who doesn't live or work in Oroville, wants to keep Walmart Supercenter out of Oroville. Attorney William Kopper is based in Davis.

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